Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Add In Method

I have always liked the add in method. I don't really care to have things taken away from me. If I feel as though I am being deprived that just doesn't work out well for me. If for instance I need to cut out soda, I find that I have more success not even considering how much soda I have drank, but rather to add in the water I want to add. I add to it until I am where I want to be, for example, I will drink 1 glass of water the first day and no matter what maintain that. When I am comfortable that I won't go backwards, a day or two later, I add another glass and maintain that. It works with everything. Nutritionally to cut sweets I find focusing more on what I do want to be more effective. Adding that serving of veggies or fruit and laddering up can be more effective. I also think that if you are craving something your body has a need that needs to be addressed. You can muscle your way to do anything but to be successful long term it probably won't work if it is a constant struggle.

I found the hub above today that has some good nutrition tips. There is so much noise about what is good for you. I think you have to really use common sense and how you feel as a guide.

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