Saturday, August 7, 2010

Abdominals and Nutrition

When it comes to the list of foods that the is recommended that we avoid, many times it is based on studies. Then 10 years later they say oops we're sorry it looks like product X is okay after all. I think everyone should take a common sense approach. If you can grow it or kill it it probably isn't so bad. If man got a hold of it and processed it, well as usual, we messed it up!

When it comes to getting the nice flat abs we need the good fats. Good fats are those found in nuts, avocados and I especially like krill oil. We also need to ensure that we are getting enough protein as I've harped on before! We can't eat processed junk each day and expect flat abdominal muscles.

The information about what is good nutrition for our abs can be confusing. One source says something is good for us and another says it's bad. Soy is a good example. It is good for you from the field but once processed not so much. I wouldn't freak out about eating it, but then even if I thought it was good for me I wouldn't over consume it. Variety will keep you much healthier when you aren't sure. Our bodies are designed to eliminate what we shouldn't have if it isn't in excess. For a more in depth explanation of nutrition and exercise for our abs click here.

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