Sunday, August 8, 2010


I have taken probiotics in the past and I have felt much different when I take the probiotics and made an effort to eat well. I started taking them again a few days ago and I already notice a large difference in cravings. I take the PB8 and have been satisfied because I do feel a positive difference despite the low cost. Would the $50 ones work better? I don't know. I have only tried two brands and they seemed to be comparable. The types of bacteria and number of live bacteria is what I look at.

I am not a big believer in altering our bodies chemistry with the latest and greatest vitamin cure. I think that we can throw our bodies out of balance with natural things just as well as prescriptions. There are definitely times that we need a boost and vitamins can help. I just think that when we do take them, we need to know why.

Which brings me to why probiotics? Probiotics are good bacteria. Why would anyone need good bacteria added you might be wondering. If we take an antibiotic it kills the infection that we have. It also kills the good bacteria though. This leaves an imbalance in our digestive system with too much yeast. If we were raised in a home where our parents had this issue we could bring it on just from the types of food we were fed. The yeast need to be fed and they eat the bread and sugar. I have the opinion that any craving of bread or sugar is yeast related.  When you see someone who seems to be a slave to the breads and sugars it is not their fault. They think that they like those types of foods, but the reality is they are a slave to the yeast.

Good bacteria eat and thrive on completely different foods than yeast. If your diet is junk you probably have an imbalance of bacteria. Taking probiotics and eating better for a couple of weeks will completely change what you want to eat.

How can you know if this is a problem you struggle with besides my suggestion and without expensive testing? If you google on the Internet saliva test yeast it will lead you to websites that explain that you can spit in a glass first thing in the morning and tell from the saliva if it is an issue for you. Yeast is a very difficult thing to deal with once it makes it's way into your life. Starting with any good probiotic is the first step. I really think you will be amazed at this difference this makes.

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