Friday, August 13, 2010


Juicing can be a great way to get the most nutrients out of your food. Most of us a familiar with Jack Lalanne, he looks half his age and has more energy than I do! He really believes in juicing and for someone who is in his 90's he's made a believer out of me. The rapid absorption of the nutrients is something you can feel when you juice. I don't do it as often as I should, a couple times a week is about all I can make it. You can look for recipes on the Internet. I keep it simple. This morning I juiced a cucumber and put in one radish to give it a little kick. I juice carrots once a week or so, and occasionally I juice romaine lettuce. If I expanded my juicing palate a little I could probably fit in more times a week but rather than get burnt out for right now 2-3 times a week keeps me feeling like I am making progress.

One thing to keep in mind is this is probably one of the more important times to make sure you are juicing organic vegetables and fruits.

Many people juice fruit. I really do not. I am not saying that you shouldn't, I just prefer to eat my fruit. Depending on your juicer the skin may not juice as well as the rest of the fruit and I like knowing that I got the fiber in the skin of my fruit to balance the natural sugars.

If you haven't tried juicing, give it a try. You don't have to be as dedicated as Jack Lalanne to get some benefits from this great way to consume raw foods.

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